The GC MariFilmas  was founded in 2006 and includes the MFilmas Production Center, the Buddhabar advertising agency, the international distribution companies SeptElephants and Grain Media.


We help film professionals from CIS and European countries team up for co-production projects focused on effective creativity and manage rights distribution and sales.
  Objective as a producer: making original movies with international crews and casts, getting more European film professionals involved, expanding collaborations geographically to previously non-participating countries.
  As a distributor/sales agent: building up international media rights distribution channels with a main goal to better bridge creativity and commercial efficiency.
  As a creativity platform: a further extension of an international creative team we have in order to let it burst with more fresh, cutting-edge, innovative movie stories, artistic photography, brilliant play, and technical expertise of the crew; we are going to invest a considerable amount of time, energy, and funds into this objective within next few years.

Marina Ravie


Egor Kozhevnikov

International sales & Festival manager

Alex Waltz


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